Re: NANFA-- Nanfans

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 00:32:06 -0500

No, I am impressed, I didn't think anyone knew Genesis was not an 80's band
with two hits, or that it was just Phil Collins band.

Strangely, I can reply to your other question as well. Keeping sunfish, and
we know how nasty some of these can be, I have kept a quite a few as solo
display type fish. I kind of cheat , though, since I do add a female at
times to get a spawn. Right now I only have one tank that fits your
parameters. I just started it the other day in fact, with a spotted sunfish
( miniatus) that I am interested to watch it grow. I have never kept this
fish for long before, and want to see if it acts like punctatus ( red
spotted) or if it is different. One other fish I would like to try this
with is the redear sunfish. They get too big to make it worth setting them
up for spawning ( atleast with what I am doing in my fishroom, right now)
and I don't have a strong interest to spawn them , at this time ( I am
starting to sound like the skit on SNL - live in a van, down by the river-)
. My other display tank is a community of various sunfish, so I guess it
does not apply to the solo display tank. Its a 75 gallon freshwater reef. I
made that up, so sue me. It has two melanistic green sunfish, both I raised
from a dime sized fish, a red warmouth ( not sure what these guys are to
this day, yet) a pennisular Florida strain dollar ( distinctive from the
Atlantic coast and Mississippi valley strains) and an orange spotted
sunfish. I put a big male mudminnow in with them, but he dissappeared, maybe
the big green choked him down, but he left little green alone.

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