NANFA-- River Reef Report 7/19

kahley (
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 17:23:50 -0500

Wow...what a day!!!!!
There is a fallen tree, in the canal on the other side of the island
from my reef......not more than 50 feet, yet I haven't checked it
out until today. Part of that is because it's muddy on that side
and I'm just starting to get over my fear of mudblindness and
the other part is that I'm afraid of finding a dead body, tangled
up in stuff like that (Don't's happened before!!!)
Finally today, I was over there looking for stuff for the
reef and it was sunny and I could see so I looked. The first
thing I saw was white first!! I knew what they were
right away. This "snag" is loaded with fish. The tree has
collected a bunch of other stuff and it's a veritable wall which
has screened off a considerable piece of river, complete with an
undercut bank. Lotts of green sunfish and redears, a couple
small carp and.....drumroll please.....something about ten in. long,
with two top fins!!!!! That means walleye doesn't it?? They were
waaay back in...back in the gloom and I couldn't get a
good look but I did see those two top fins! Had to be, right?
Somehow I thought the body had a pattern and the pic here,
doesn't seem to show a pattern. And it didn't seem to be fat
like a perch....more silver than green.....Arrrrgh. This is sooo
Naturally, thunder sounded just then and we had to run for it so I will
to wait til tomorrow to get another look! Oh please, let them still be
All these years looking at the same species and then in one day, the
beautiful delicate white crappie and maybe walleye! What a day!!!
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