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Crail, Todd (
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 09:16:08 -0400

I don't see *any* problem with having business cards for members/leaders who
have taken an *active* role in the organization. It would be *very* clear who
would need them and more importantly, *why* they need them (which would
justify the cost). They would be very appropriate for people doing displays,
nature programs, regional trips like you mentioned, networking at other
organization's conferences, and things that would help develop NANFA for
NANFA's greater good.

However, issuing a card that could be perceived as "NANFA is the proud sponsor
of this collection trip that is not a part of NANFA's general consciousness"
to anyone who sent in $20 just gives me the chills. :)


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From: Nicholas J. Zarlinga

If everyone is having a problem with membership cards, how about changing
it a bit and going with business cards? This way you can pass the cards out
to people you meet and it would have all the information that they need to
find out more info on NANFA-website, logo, mission statement, etc. They
can have an official design which a committe can agree on (maybe a
committee formed at the conference?). Regional members can share the
expense of say 1000 cards. This way we can give them to property owners
who let you sample their streams or we can "accidentally" leave them at the
local fish store.
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