Re: NANFA-- More of a trip report than a collection...
Sun, 28 Jul 2002 23:04:06 EDT

hey todd...
that sounds like a pretty fine day. dustin and dan from nc visited the other
day and we too pulled a 5" longnose gar from some water weeds. it sure is a
cool critter. bg sent me one up a couple or 3 years ago and now it is about
18" long. im gonna have to put up a sign next to the cement pond warning...
he has some very sharp teeth. a doctor visit for a lacerated exposed member
could be a difficult and embarrising experience. Ranger bob is suppose to
drive down and take him back to his exlarge kingsport city park aquariums (
which is monitored w/ security devices ). i hope he does soon before the
beast gets much larger. it will take someone with a lot of gumption to jump
in the pool and wrangle him out. i plan on having my camera ready.
i have never had an encounter w/ game wardens.
i know what you mean about just taking someone out to get them hooked and
going thru all the proper rigamaro. i wish there was an easier solution. i
feel sorry for the nanfa members who live in states where you cant even
collect and keep nongame species. here in tn we have to catch all our 1 or 2"
sunfish on a hook and line. :) i use tweezers and a big head mounted
magnifying glass while im in the field. no one seems to notice.
each season i have to get licenses for ga, al and tn cause i straddle the
line. a bit hard to keep up with as they have different regulations, species
listing, expiration dates, seine sizes, stream regulations, etc. then i may
cross a state line 2 or 3 times during the day and who knows what kind of
fish i got where, sometimes i cant keep it straight when i get home. who
knows how i would respond under pressure. :) there was lots of good advice
posted a week or so ago. friendly, honest are the best approach. i just hope
i dont have a afternoon ruined standing around waiting while someone debates
an issue and tries to educate themselves for the next several hours on my
time. ive heard some bad stories... even one where the authority made the
fella poor the fish out on the ground. yeow.
know the laws... and be friendly.
im glad that experience worked out well. hopefully you and your buddy will be
back out finding new fish from the deep.
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