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Sun, 28 Jul 2002 23:12:27 -0500

On 29 Jul 2002 at 18:57, wrote:

> what are the dates again?

OK, once again it's Sept. 7-8 (I'll be there Friday 6th). As for
food, I just bring a bag of charcoal and some cheap soyburgers and
cheese and buns, and Red Dog for enjoying at the end of the day.
Quick and dirty and tasty.

> it would be nice to see you but after the show fritz, steve and i got most
> folks are expecting a lot more nowadays.
> tell us about the campsite too. how big are the mosquitoes? how sweaty will
> it be at 3 am? where do the gators sleep... or do they sleep?

Here's the website.

This is not actually the campground I stayed a last time, but I have
been to this one and it has some interesting features.

> are you gonna get jan hooverman to show up?

Jan doesn't like to collect recreationally - he does that all day
anyway, and he calls it WORK. He likes to do educational type stuff.

> cooking fish sticks or gar
> balls ala bessie granier?
> details and comeons needed.

See the recommended diet above :-) Of course, we may eat on the
hoof, depending on what we can catch.

More detail? I am primarily interested in the Yellow Creek and Bear
River systems. I have not done any collecting in the Tombigbee
drainage, so if anybody is interested we can try that. Most of the
fishes in the Tombigbee can be found elsewhere in the state, but they
may be new to you TV dwellers. I will give more specifics (e.g. cool
fishes) as time permits, as well as a possible alternate camping site
if anybody feels this one is too developed. I have done a certain
amount of exploration earlier this year, so I have a few sites in
mind, but anybody with any input is welcome to chime in.

Oh, I will bring my world famous "fisheries seine" (as Roy Weitzell
called it), which I used during the Okefenokee trip! Come one, come
all, see the great seine! Actually we probably won't have much
chance to use it. Also my orginal "perfect" dipnet, created by me
long before it was a gleam in Jonah's eye!! Well, the handle is
somewhat battered and tire-crushed and doesn't extend to 12' any more
due to being clogged with sand, and I DID sell the original hoop and
net to a guy on a bicycle to catch armadillos for supper with, but it
still kind of LOOKS like the original...more or less, but without all
the dings and scuffs on the hoop and holes in the bag that gave the
whole thing some character. Actually this one looks kind of like a
yuppie's display net, with the Jonah's sticker still on it. Except
for the handle. Anyway, it's a piece of native fish history and you
won't want to miss it. Oh, I can bring my harmonica too, it's a
really nice one that can play 40 different notes, which I was going
to learn to play once but never did, but I can make some tunes at the
campground with it, kind of. As long as you are drinking enough Red
Dog I am sure you will enjoy the "tunes".

At the campground that have this suspended bridge, with a sign that
says don't jump up and down and one person at a time please, I
think we could have fun jumping up and down and making the bridge
bobble like a roller coaster, especially if a couple of guys bounce
in the middle and we have maybe one guy at each end to enjoy the
"whiplash effect". They have disk golf too - yeah, whatever :-P

I will also bring my pet bait bucket that follows me around wherever
I go. It's really amazing, it has it's own leash and nametag and
everything. It's worth the trip just to see the bait bucket. I have
trained it to do tricks too. Like the disappearing madtom trick.
put the madtom in the bait bucket, let it follow you around for a
while and them look inside the bucket. Hey Presto!, no madtom!! But
wait, if you put your hand INSIDE the bucket and feel around...but
no, I don't want to give away the surprise, you will have to try this
yourself. It is really a fun trick, especially to play on somebody
else. I always enjoy it when people try to guess how it works, and
they keep guessing wrong until finally I can't stand it any more and
I tell them, and then we all have a good laugh and no permanent
harm done.

I am also giving away a spectacular prize for the winner of Sunday
evening's bobbing for leeches contest. The lucky winner is going
to be so happy! It is a hollow plastic leech shaped fishing worm
with fake blood in it, which you can pretend to pull off your eyelid
(or other part of your anatomy!) and exlaim "boy I hope he enoyed his
meal" when the "blood" squirts all over everybody. Or better yet
plead with somebody to pull it off you, and watch the fun!

Anyway, as you can see this is going to be a fun trip. I hope a few
people can make it.
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