NANFA-- River Reef Report 7/28

kahley (
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 08:41:54 -0500

The catfish have returned. As I said before, Curly and Moe
seemed to have set up housekeeping and a nursery on the
reef but there was no sign of Larry or Shemp until their return
on Sunday. The good news is, they brought a friend, a smaller
fish, not much more than 2ft I'd say. I don't recognize this one
but it sure seems like it knows me. On our first encounter, it
was in my face and allowed me to pet it's back, which is something
even Curly only grants on occasion. I'm baffled, but very pleased
with the friendly new addition. I'm stuck for a name though, since
I've run out of Stooge names.
The bad news is the Larry has a lure hanging from his lip. I don't
know what is gonna happen. It has a leader, swivel and about 8
inches of line attached. It's an odd lure, since the embedded hook
is a single yet there is a treble hanging from the other end. The line
was waaay too fine for the size of the lure....destined to snap.
I have watched soooo many fish die horrible slow starvation deaths
when the get a hook stuck actually in the mouth. Larry has himself
all scratched up from rubbing the bottom, trying to dislodge the lure.
Real damage to the fin on that side. He's always been more wary of
me and although I think I could get close enough to touch him, I
don't know how I could help him. There is not enough line to get a
good grip on and, for sure, he's not going hold still while I try and
get that hook out. I'm afraid that I might get the treble stuck as
He's skinny. He can take food but it looks like he's having a hard time

hunting for himself. I guess all I can do is keep him fed in hopes the
lure works it was out but that never happens in my experience.
Maybe, over the coming weeks, I can get him close enough to get
a pliers grip on the leader or swivel and try and pull him out and
Regarding the previous thread, I wish I had a knock out dart gun....

I had an encounter with Fish and Game on Saturday. I was
cruising the flats on the other side of the little island, looking for
in the faster moving shallows. I heard a loud engine, pooped up for
a location look and seeing it posed no threat, went back ti the fishes.
I heard the engine shut down suddenly, looked again and saw an
OD john boat with two guys in it, parked about 150 yds upstream.
Something struck me odd but not quite odd enough to divert me.
After a few minutes it hit me...the two men seemed to be dressed alike.
I surfaced for a peek and saw that they seemed to be watching me
with binocs. It dawned on me who they were, but since I wasn't
doing anything wrong, I went back to the fishes.

But it bugged me...them watching me with binocs so I figured the
only way I was gonna get them off my case is to swim up and
ask them what their problem was. I wasn't obvious, but meandered
my way up to them, surfacing about ten yards from their boat. I
answered the standard question of "What are you looking for" with
"tires" this time. I try and mix up my responses. Sometimes I
say dead bodies. Sometimes I say gold. I once told a family of six
that I was looking for my engagement ring which kept them outta my
hair for the duration of their vacation. The reason I told the
fish cops that I was looking for tires is that I use tires to stabilize
island shoreline against the wakes and have built a causeway and
dock from them so that my dogs can just step off the boat and wade
to the island to do their business, on their own when I am gone.
All the tires have been found in the river but I'm always leery of
the authorities giving me sh*t about building the dock and the
Thunder stuck about 2pm and we headed back to dock because
the dogs are panicked by T-storms. Mike headed up to get the
car as I closed up the boat and the skies opened. In the down
pour, Mike missed the turn and drove the van off the retaining
wall which lines the boat ramp. There it hung until we got a tow
truck to hoist it up and off the wall. All in all.....not a good day.

One more day of work and them five days of river. This season
is zipping by......
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