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Bruce Stallsmith (
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 09:47:43 -0400

Hey Casper, I gotta go to Sweden Cove with you next time! I'm thoroughly
distracted buying a house and moving this week and into next month... but I
_really_ want to see this area. How much money have we saved to fly in KITD?
More than $15, I hope!

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL, US of A

>i then headed into sweeten sweden cove proper... it is a geographicaly
>distinct cove and has a creek flowing out from its midst. i had found a
>really nice, crisp and fish laden spring on a previous look around but when
>arrived at the bridge the water was chocolate milk. i stopped on the bridge
>and looked to the spring head. there was a man on a backhoe running back
>forth on the banks edge. boy. gee. i just sat there, stunned, disappointed
>and saddened. he acknowledged me and i decided to pull in. i had meet his
>daughter during the pre scout and they had a welcome sign posted at the
>spring. rather inviting and appreciated had been the site for in most cases
>you are greeted with a keep out, move on sign. well he stopped his
>and i began my chatt and expressed my concern mindfully. we spent the next
>couple hours together and was joined with his son of twelve years old. with
>his ok i entered the springs clear outflow and collected and showed them
>various stunning tn snubs, breeding orange side dace, stonerollers and
>mollygobs... aka sculpins. he took me downstream to a "blue hole" where the
>water welled up from sand dancingd some 10' deep. when we arrived it was
>laden and 3' deep. he assured me it "use" to be crystal clear and well over
>your head. he later showed me another blue hole which was stagnant and
>this he said flows about 9 months of the year but being we are in a drought
>was still. some cave divers had entered it some time ago and found a
>underground lake to the ne beneath a corn field which had blind fish and
>white crayfish. this was truly a unique area, once upon a time. i let his
>try out my mask in the "former" blue hole and he was all excited chasing
>snubs and sculpins with my little dipnets. i actually had a lot of fun with
>his son as we planted the dipnet and tried to catch diversity in the
>plenty of sculpins and dace... i was hoping to pull up and show a redline
>rainbow male darter. they assured me that the creek was always clear except
>for the activity he was doing. i will head back later for another look.
>a pretty place but my concerns of man's impact grow with each experience. i
>tried to express and educate my views and experience to him and he was
>certainly amazed at the diversity of the life from the spring. i urged him
>be a wholesome caretaker and lush planter of vegatation of his spring. such
>fine spot... i would give so much to be in that position and
>he is a good man but as is so many times we do not understand consequenses
>and long term results to our actions even if they intended well. i will get
>back there again for another look and visit and discussion. he asked me
>he could get his boy the snorkel gear and wetsuit so the appreciation is
>planted and joy and concern were expressed.
>well... shoot. i decided to head back homeward but stop at the little
>sequatchie where a much more massive impact was occuring. a pipeline
>crossing... actually, actually burrowing under the river itself, to route a
>major gas line. extreme activity has taken place along this route. the
>stripping of vegatation... a red scar has run up over the mountain and
>my view allowing massive red silt flows to sweep over part of the keeners
>farm... the folks who allowed access to us during the seinerama and
>us w/ fresh eggs and shitake mushrooms. human expansion and endless
>even tho we are learning, more careful or impact continues with every
>expansion, home, road and shopping center. how much silt will lay on the
>fresh clean gravel. how big a rain will wash it away or bring new layers.
>which species will survive? which will disappear? will i get to visit the
>past when i die. i would love to see the world before we touched it. i saw
>fish... but now how many do i not see.
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