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Todd Crail (
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 12:10:39 -0400

I'm sure you caught this Ty and I appreciated your comments, but I wanted to
be clear... I was only discussing the chain stores. I wasn't talking about
private individuals who own pet shops. Usually, in those cases (private
individuals), you either have one of two types...

The one who can keep their inventory alive, can heal the sick and wounded
and deliver quality product (who're usually not interested in selling dry
goods beyond premium stuff and food)...

Or the kind that'll sell you their mother, if they thought she might be
worth more in the cash register.

Certainly, there's many shades of gray inbetween, especially when rent or
electricity is due... But I think that categorizes this side of the Industry
well enough. My suggestion to all is... *Find* the former, no matter how
inconveinent the drive, and pay whatever it is they ask. You _will_ get
your return on the extra _initial_ investment.

OR you can just do like me, and get sick of it all, and be a control freak
that goes out and gets his own fish.... (There. That's my native part in
this ;)

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> >
> In reference to the following points, you are pretty close to spot on. We
> make a dime on most of the animals we sell. However, Fish and Reptiles are
> exceptions to that rule. While your point is accurate, if fish are
properly cared
> for and sold as healthy specimens, then you can realize a fair profit from
> eventually. I do agree that the mass merchandisers, see them exactly as
> described. Besides, they also know that some people won't return the fish,
> the reciept, in the time alloted, so even if it dies, they made their
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