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Mon, 14 Jul 2003 06:59:54 -0400

The main thing we try to do is keep the containers from over-heating. We
also don't fill the containers with water, rarely putting more than a few
inches in each container but trying to keep as much water/air surface area
as possible (shallow containers are preferable to deep ones). A liberal
dose of NovAqua is added too. I can't really say that we do anything
special other than this, but we have very low losses. If we find any dead,
sick or injured fish, we will remove them right away. Maybe it's just luck?

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> I'm not so sure about the open container thing. I have had real problems
> with losses in open tubs. I don't know how Chip and Dustin keep those
> fish
> alive in the back of their pickup.
> I have had the best results with using breathing bags, no air, and amquel
> added to the water. the drive like crazy.
> if collect over night, or take a couple of days to get home, I inspect the
> bags every night to look for floaters, which are promptly removed.
> The fish are kept in styro coolers in the back of the van, which has rear
> a/c, so overheating is not a problem.
> Geoff kimber
> lexington,ky
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