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Thu, 17 Jul 2003 07:20:20 EDT

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> Moon, how bad is the leak?

The leak is just a seepage not a full bore flow.

Innes recommended stirring soil into the water,
> which would eventually find its way into the leak and
> seal it.

I thought about that and maybe the stuff that well drillers use to seal the
sand in a driven well. Around here you can drive a pipe into the ground and you
have a well, My well is 33 feet and that is rather deep for this area. I saw
the guy use it when he washed down my well. Looked like it might work for
something like this at the time but I didn't get any from him.

He also gives (sort of) a recipe for the black goo which was used
> in those days.

Too late I would have to remove the glass and almost certainly the glass
would break. I should have done that to start with and kept the slate bottom. It
would have been more true to the time period.

Nowadays, I would think that wet/dry roof
> sealer would be about the same stuff (a couple of bucks for a gallon can
> The Home Despot).

Now that sounds good but would it be harmless to fish? If I end up breaking
out all the glass I might try that. the tank is really cool looking with the
clunky metal frame. When I got it, it must have weighed 200 pounds. the guy at
the pet shop was going out of business and I asked him how much he wanted for
the tank. It had several gold fish in it. He used it as his goldfish holding
tank. Anybody who has been to "The Petshop" at the North 17 shopping center
beside Goldings in Wilmington more than 30 years ago probably saw the tank. "The
Petshop" was semi famous around here in those days. Somebody on this list was
familiar with "The Petshop" We talked about it once a couple of years ago. Any
way the owner told me if I drained the tank, and put the goldfish in another
aquarium I could have the tank if I could carry it out of the store by myself.
I drained and picked it up and put it on my shoulder and walked out with it!
Now (before I removed the slate and all the tar) it took two men to move it and
we could barely lift it. Oh how I wish for my youth again!


Professor Chaos, General Disarray and their minions fan!
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