Re: NANFA-- Seine recommendation

Jeffrey Fullerton (
Sat, 03 Jun 2000 17:24:43 -0400

patrick vinas wrote:

> Hi
> I would like to buy a seine but have no idea which one.The ones at k-mart/Wall mart don't really impress me.
> I am in Georgia and sport fishing regulations booklet says it has to be less than 20 feet

How are going to handle anything bigger anyway?

I bought about 4 X14 feet of 1/8 inch delta mesh dyed green at my request and cut off 4 foot peices to replace the 1/4 mesh seine I had
for years but decided was too course. Small minnows - Bluntnose Minnows and shiners were gill netting themselves in it and on a recent
collecting trip in Wisconsin my endeavor to catch young of the year Northern Redbelly Dace was frustrated by the small ones that kept
squeezing thru the mesh. We partially solved the problem by having Mike Quispe scoop up the young dace and then Ray Katula held the bag of
his fine meshed dipnet under it to catch at least a few of them.

That prompted me to order the new mesh from Memphis Net and Twine. I used yellow nylon cord to sew it onto peices of parachute cord which
tied it onto the handles - 2 plastic broom sticks. Styrofoam floats and lead weights were salvaged from the old seine.

Since I ordered much more than needed I sent some to RK since he liked using our four foot seine and just a week ago I replaced the 1/2
inch mesh in my pond net made by the British company- Lotus - it has a bag & frame that unscrews from the metal handle - actually that
would make a much better feild net!

If you are collecting solo a four foot seine - the max allowed in Pennsylvania waters is all you really need. Until recently when I
started going on feild trips with NANFA members in other states I never used a bigger seine - like the ones Mark Binkley and Mike Thennet
have - these really do require some teamwork to used.


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