Re: FW: NANFA-- U.S.Postal Service won't ship

Gupp (
Sat, 03 Jun 2000 17:19:35 -0600

Sorry I wasn't able to check my email the the last couple days, got a
wonderful summer flu/cold thing going, sigh. At any rate when I was
reading through these I noticed this also.

Christopher Scharpf wrote:
> A kind soul has pointed out to me...

> >> Nope. Do your math. .004% of 250 is 1.
> >0.4% of 250 is 1.
> >0.004% of 250 is 0.01
> >0.004% if 25,000 is 1.

I was trying to find information on what the chances of dying in your
car everyday. My guess is that it is higher than this, but I'm tired of
looking at web pages trying to find the answer. I did find another
little statistic near and dear to my heart about chances of dying. It
won't mean much to you guys but, being 7 months pregnant means a little
to me. As a woman in the US expecting to give birth in August. I have a
higher chance of dying in childbirth than those dogs and cats do flying
in planes. Though it's still pretty small at .0075%. World wide it's
much worse, though some other developed countries are much better. So I
guess I would take such a risk. :)

And further on the subject of shipping fish. I don't label my boxes as
live fish any more. A lot of times I've had to wait while they check to
make sure that I really can ship fish. Though I've never had them refuse
me totally. Even without labeling lot of the time the postal workers
here ask you what you're shipping anyway. I guess they're just nosey.

I do like to live honestly though. And it would be nice if the world
could just run a little smoother and more openly. It's also annoying
that because of the shipping of cats and dogs and the complications
there, that it becomes a problem for me to ship fish. And honestly I
think shipping fish in winter months is more likely to cause problems in
more places in the US, than shipping them in summer months.

Personally I think the whole country would work a lot better if people
spent more time worrying about their own conduct than what their
neighbors were doing. I think we have way to many laws and regulations
in general. I could go on for a long time on that subject, but I doubt
it would be much appreciated and doesn't have anything to do with fish,
so I'll spare you all. :)



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