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Gupp (
Tue, 05 Jun 2001 20:50:41 -0600

Brian Bastarache wrote:

> The animal rights groups have got to go for the good of the wildlife. They
> do not know or care about ecology or wildlife.

Personally I think a lot of the animal rights groups are totally
clueless. They have these emotionally based ideas, but no knowledge
behind them. Like so many issues, it seems there are 2 extremes trying
to make all the rules but no one in the middle ground speaking for the
real average citizen. I think most people would agree that animals
shouldn't be abused. And most people I believe, don't want to see our
natural resources destroyed, and plowed under in concrete and pollution.
But I think most people realize that some natural resources need to be
used, and most people aren't ready to become vegetarians, and giving
animals equal rights.

I remember reading something once about the groups that think animals
should have the same rights as people. The piece was not in favor of
this and questioned what then would happen to animals that killed each

I've always wondered, then who would decide how far this would go. Would
all living things be given the same rights? What do the animal rights
people do if they gets mice, or termites. If a mosquito bites them do
they refrain from swatting it? Is it ok to kill insects, but not other
creatures? If it's not ok to kill insects what about parasites. If
their children got worms would they let them be sick? How far does it



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