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Brian Bastarache (
Tue, 05 Jun 2001 22:51:34 -0400

Helo all:

Here is some info to do with as you wish. These are in responce to
"Rushes" mostly valid points and questions. Oh, by the way, some people
"listers" felt this is a subject that may escalate to violence. I don't
see that. I'd like to think that NANFA is a conservation oriented
organization. If so, we need this sort of mental excercise for our our own
convictions and to enlighten others. If I am wrong about NANFA; if it is
not concerned about the conservation of our North American fish fauna;
therefore simply another aquarium club ...I will have to reconsider my
continued membership. I don't believe the later to be true.

ANYWAY...the cool stuff:

"Rush" seemed to think we could never cut down all the rainforest. 14% of
this planet's surface was covered with rainforest. Now we are down to 6%.
Estimates put us at about 40 years before "Amazon" is only a website. I
don't know about you, but on an educators income it will take me 45 years
to come up with the cash to visit the place!

The american bison (Bison bison) once roamed from the Rockies to PA in
herds numbered in the millions. Look what happened to them! Vast...then
not so much.

How about the passenger pigeon? No, it is not a messenger bird. It was a
wild species of pigeon native to North America. It is estimated that they
made up 40% of the bird population of North America. A single flock that
passed over Cincinatti in 1870 was estimated to be over a mile wide and a
couple of hundred miles long. These flocks were said to take hours to pass
overhead and block the sun.

How could we ever use up such a VAST resource? We almost did it to bison.
The last passenger pigeon died in the Cincinatti Zoo. We ate the rest of

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