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Brian Bastarache (
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 21:45:10 -0400

Someone made an interesting and important point earlier. The media tends
to grab at the ends of the bell curve when it comes to environmetal issues.
People hear an "expert" claim armagedon is around the corner and another
proclaiming all is well. These so called experts are usually from S.I.G.'s
and may or may not have any education, experience, background, or training
pertaining to the issues at hand.

We can not totally blame the media, these groups are usualy the loudest,
and best at getting their messages out. The responsible, educated,
scientists working in these feilds rarely get their message out that we are
realy somewhere between eutopea and distopea. You don't get to hear what
they have to say! We can not blame the public for the paralysis on these
issues when these poor people can't figure out wich "expert" at wich
extreme is correct!

The fact is we are insulting the environment faster than we understand it.
Therefore surpises, many of them nasty, are virtually garenteed.

There will always be Rushes, Bushes, and others who are unwilling or unable
to understand these sometimes complex issues, but I think most of the
public can. There is a need for education.

Brian Bastarache

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