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<< - Have any of you on the list used sand in ponds?
Yes, it's all I use
- Did you seed it with any substrate from nearby bodies of water?
Nope but many of the water plants I used had some soil attached to the roots.
- How long did it take for the sand to begin become populated and how
did you go about monitoring the population densities?
Populated with what? You've been keeping reef aquariums too long, anything
visible will be eaten by any fish you put in the pond, many freshwater
creatures are insect larvae and will be deposited in any body of water by the
adults. I have tried to put amphipods, isopods, ostracods and such in my
ponds but as far as I can tell it doesn't make any difference one way or
- Advantages/Disadvantages you've found if you had used sand?
Sand is much better than mud and more natural than gravel for a pond.
Plants seem to root better in sand than gravel but would probably do better
in mud but then the water would be muddy all the time.
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