Re: NANFA-- pond, stream and sand

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 3 Jun 2002 23:31:24 -0500

I use sand ( which is gravel in certain areas) as a substrate in all my larger
ponds, and eventually smaller ones end up with some too. This is a no no with
many ponders , but it works great for me. Usually the first year I think it
adds to the bloom of green water. Generally after a year and heavy plantings
and additions of small crustaceans, molluscs and other critters you would find
in a typical habitat you are trying to replicate and it works great.
Eventually the sand becomes kind of a unit, bound by roots and other things.
I use gravel in areas of current and near drop offs to make a bumper to hold
the sand in place.

I like to do this because I am trying to make a thick mass of plants top to
bottom of the pond for fry to hide from adult fish and other predators. My
goal, which could probably not be reached, is to have weed beds so thick and
strong I can swipe nets through them and they will bounce back in days like
the real marsh does. Also to hold up against a new visitor I had this year,

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