Re: NANFA-- Re:pulling our heads out of the sand & miniature

John Bongiovanni (
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 15:20:08 -0500

Much of your treatise is based upon the marketable aspects of certain
species. "As long as as a species has market value it will be saved
from extinction". Human interest is very shortlived, moving from one
fad to the next. If a species of little or no market value is
endangered, what forces would be present to protect it habitat? It
would be a shame if all our waterways were populated with Largemouth
Bass, Blue catfish and the necessary feeder fish because that is "where
the money is". I would suspect that most of the fish this group finds
interesting has very little market value. It would be an interesting
masters thesis for some enterprising MBA candidate.

3/4 of our surface is water. What percentage is Freshwater? What
percentage is free flowing freshwater? It is frightning to think about
the price of water when much of ou potable water requires
desalinization. As we populate the western part of this country water
becomes a bigger issue. In my state of TX, El Paso is well on the way
to tapping saltwater reserves to provide potable water to that growing
population. The availability of fresh water from the Rio Grand is
greatly diminished due to a combination of Natural and man made factors.
The salt water will come from salt "seas" underground. Desalinization
will takeplace in 5 giant desalinization plants. They have yet to
figure out what to do with the salt when they are through.

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