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<< but will knock each other down to get
that extra special super-purple live Acropora to place in their 75
gallon curio cabinet (I'll expand on this if you desire)... >>

Please do, considering most of the small polyp stony coral is captive bred.
Very little acropora is wild caught and what is wild caught is inferior in
quality to captive propagated coral. More and more coral is being captive
propagated every day, many "reefers" will only keep captive propagated coral
or live rock. On top of that the actual amount of live coral collected world
wide is insignificant when compared to the coral that harvested to make
concrete, building blocks, and the coral that is simply killed by land based
pollution. Killing the reefs for aquariums makes a great environmental story
but it is a lie fostered on an unknowing public by people whose agenda has
very little to do with saving anything but their funding.

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