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<< 3/4 of our surface is water. What percentage is Freshwater? What
percentage is free flowing freshwater? It is frightning to think about
the price of water when much of ou potable water requires
desalinization. >>
This is true, most of the water on this planet is generally unavailable for
direct use by people. Unfortunately even freshwater supplies are needing more
and more processing before they can be used. the root of most environmental
problems is too many people not the availability of resources. Our planet can
only support so many people, it doesn't matter how well we manage what we
have in the long run. Any effort to save a species just staves off the
inevitable. So lets just go out and kill anything we want, it won't matter in
the long run and captive breeding of desirable species just takes all the fun
out of raping the environment.


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