RE: NANFA-- Re:pulling our heads out of the sump

Crail, Todd (
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 09:24:55 -0400


Thanks for bringing me up to date.

In your "keeping tabs", you may want to check out the talk I gave at
Reefs.Org on coral propogation:

Perhaps you'd like to see a picture of one of my aquariums. I
appologize that I didn't capture the other half of it (you can always
surf around from the root under "Picture Index"). Everything you see in
the aquarium besides the green trachyphyllia (it came from my shop) was
grown from fragments. The clams came from clam farms:

If you'd like to see the growth sequence, of say that big blue stag, pop
over here:

Here's an orange digitate Montiporid that I usually frag into heads and
keep a frag to begin again with:

And in case you've missed Pocillopora that's spawned a couple times,
here's some "landings":
6 months later:
It's a full halo now ;) I had to hack the top and side off because it
got too heavy for the suction cups.

I usually don't bother with progressions on soft coral because they
change too frequently. I also *hate* shooting in anything less than
400w halide ;)

I'm very sorry to hear that you'd lost your marine systems. I went thru
a 30 hour power outage this winter and it is just not fun.

It is true, North Carolina has an excellent frag trading system thanks
to the work that Rich King and Norm D'Allura have done promoting it.
While that is one of the more organized groups, I'm still saying that
there are *way too many* coral and way too much *tonage* of live rock
coming into this country weekly from the wild (and this I have seen with
my own eyes).

I don't think the hobby is sick, which it seems you're under the
impression that I do. I think the *Industry* that feeds off/supplies
the hobby is sick and remains unchecked to this day. And I feel, that a
complete importation ban is the only good way to *prove* who the real
farmers are.

With what you've said, I'll extrapolate out your thoughts and suggest
that you're saying that the general public interest in coral keeping (or
even fish-only systems with live rock) wouldn't fall *flat* on it's face
if there were a ban enacted on Scleractinian coral (both live and dead)
from the pacific, much like the one that exists in the Caribbean today.

Just think if they did that... You wouldn't have to look at the curio
heads any more ;)

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