Re: NANFA-- yellow phase Banded Sculpin ?

Brian Haas (
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 19:14:39 -0500

Bill, that is one nifty banded sculpin. Seems that if he was put in a
stream with preadtors, he'd be the first one to get nailed. At least if I
was a predator, I would have seen him first. In fact, I didn't even see
the other sculpin in the picture until I read the caption: "note more
normal lower right."

Given that aquariums don't usually support predator-prey relationships,
though, I'd say you've got some breeding stock on your hands, Bill.

Travis Haas
Hazel Green, WI

P.S. I didn't believe that there was actually a place in Arkansas called
Yellville, so I checked the atlas, and I was proved wrong. Next question -
how the heck did it get a name like Yellville? And how's the noise
pollution down there, anyway?

At 06:12 PM 6/12/02 -0700, Bill Hoppe wrote:
>Has anyone else found a yellow phase of Banded Sculpin
>Photos at
>Bill Hoppe
>Yellville Arkansas
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