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Hi Norm
If you want to see desert fishes Ash Meadows and Death Valley are good
bets,Death Valley has two Species worth seeing.The first and easiest is
Cyprinodon Salinas or Salt Creek pupfish.Salt Creek is posted with signs
and should be easy to find this time of year,there's a boardwalk that runs
right next to the creek so you should be able to see them and not get your
feet wet.The Second species is Cyprinodon Milleri or the Cottonball Marsh
Pupfish.The only way I know to see them is to hike 4 miles from the Borax
Works.I've never been out there,the ground isn't very stable and there is
quicksand in this area.Ash Meadows is a good place to see Pupfish too
There are several species in the refuge.the two most well known are
Cyp.Diabolus and Cyp.Nevadensis{Mionectes}Speckled Dace are also
found in the springs in Ash Meadows.If you chech in at the refuge
headquarters you can check out the boardwalk to Chrystal spring where
you will be able to see the fish in thier habitat. Snorkeling in any of
Habitats is prohibited without permission of Refuge Management.
If You would like to join us Volenteers search for Desert Springs Action
Committy we're going to Roger's Spring on 5/9-10/03 we'll be camped
at Overton Wildlife Management
for more info.Springtime is the best time to see the Desert,Have fun!
Happy Trails
Steve Hulse


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