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Todd Crail (
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 07:27:25 -0500

Sounds good Ray. I think I'll proceed with giving the kidos the "full color
treatment" :) Thanks!

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> In tanks or in my ponds orange spots used gravel. In fact in the pond they
> picked an area of coarse gravel in some current over areas of sand in
> water and areas of fine gravel in lesser current. However, they spawn just
> about anywhere. In tanks it seems all lepomis pick a front corner of the
> tank. Probably with my tanks is because the backs are piled with large
> or chunks of driftwood and thick weeds . Could also be that the corner of
> the tank has swirling water from any available current, instead of one
> direction? Orange spotteds I have oberserved in tanks, my ponds and the
> made nests that were on the small side. 5 to 8 inches across, shallow dug.
> They seemed not to be terribly nasty to other fish in the tank, which
> consisted of other orange spotted sunfish. One thing, there fry are very
> tiny and seem to be hard to raise, as compared to other lepomis.
> Ray
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