Re: NANFA-- shooting turtles
Wed, 3 Mar 2004 18:56:54 EST

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> What is it about the turtle video that disturbs you guys the most? Is it
> that
> the guy is shooting turtles, or that he is shooting them needlessly, or
> that he
> chortles with glee when they explode?
> Is this a conservation issue or an animal rights issue?
> Are there any shooters on this list? How do you feel about "varminting" in
> general (e.g. coyotes, prairie dogs)?
> I thought the .17 HMR was a wimpy cartridge. Guess I was wrong!
Ok Martin, it's the using of animals for target practice that bothers me the
most especially turtles. If you want to target practice on something at least
make it a challenge. I'll kill to eat in heart beat, in some places some
animals can be a big enough of a nuisance to make killing them necessary. As in
ground hogs undermining a barn. but to go out into the wild and shoot such a slow
animals just for fun is just as bad a killing kittens or other helpless
animals for fun that is often cited a warning that the person doing it has
problems. If I was hungry I would eat a turtle, I have eaten turtles. They are very
good but I never shot one for the fun of it or any other animal. If I had my
grandfather who was an avid hunter/trapper would have tanned my hide and I would
have been lucky to see a gun for a very long time much less use one. Animals
are not targets, even animals considered pests have their place and shouldn't
harassed away from human habitation. That's what bothered me about it.

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