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Tue, 9 Mar 2004 19:36:50 EST

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> Is this list about native fish or politics?

Hang in there Mike, most of the people on this list are friends, some have
been NANFA members for many years. We do get off topic sometimes but sometimes
there is more to fish keeping than fish, water and a tank. Sometimes politics
does impact our goals pertaining to fish keeping, breeding, habitat concerns,
and what not. Sometimes what you or I might think of as an off topic post is
on topic for someone else, but this list stays closer to topic than most large
lists I am a member of. As winter passes and the summer comes on the silly
season will go into the storage until next year when it's too cold to do anything
but talk. NANFA's publication American Currents sticks to the topic and when
you read yours you will see how much the entire membership really loves the
topic of native fish. But the electronic part of NANFA is a little bit more
casual, many times these free thinking sessions lead to and from topics that are
very important on a larger scale than just fish but they still concern fish on
a broader scale. I know that I was completely unaware that transporting fish
across state lines could cause me a problem. I'm not sure yet but when I go to
the mountains of W.Va. this summer to see family (collect fish) I will be
looking into the states I have to cross and their laws concerning transport of
fish. Also when a thread looses it's appeal I delete that thread and only read
the ones I am interested in. Since I already delete hundreds of e-mails everyday
that don't interest me I don't notice the difference. Deleting threads that
are off my topic list for that day but still on the list's agenda is just part
of e-mail.

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