Re: NANFA-- Gator Goes for Ride on Fla. School Bus (OT)

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 9 Mar 2004 21:52:17 -0600

I keep a couple species of monitor lizards. I have two savannas. They will
eat anything that is meat based. Crawfish are a favorite, being the closest
replica to big insects/arachnids that are a natural food in their home land
I can aquire. I also feed whole fish ( fish I would eat myself), turkey
burger supplemented with various things, chicken parts ( mostly wings) , and
on occassion other things.

Generally, savannas are pretty mild tempered, but there are some that are
downright nasty. Even docile ones are possible of lashing out and should be
treated with respect. Usually the docile ones are only aggressive if
extremely frightened. Such as getting loose and knocking over something that
makes alot of racket.

If they get nasty, the easiest way to calm them down and move them back to
their enclosure is a large beach towel. Just toss it over the top of them,
and with some thick gloves wrap them up, set them in their home and let them
crawl out of the towel when they are ready.

Ray W.
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