Re: NANFA-- Re:NANFA: The Minnesota Abuses

Steffen Hellner (
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 12:00:48 +0100

Hi Jeff,

> My advice to you in regard to staying on the strait & narrow when
> collecting in the USA- or anywhere for that matter.
> Best suggestion is to find a good contact in a promising area that you
> want to collect. That's one of the great benefits in making friends with
> people in NANFA and cooresponding with them off list.

> Speaking from personal experience I've always felt more comfortable
> going out into the field with a local enthusiast who is knows the way
> around as opposed to trying to find my way around in unfamilair and
> potentially hostile territory. Plus they are usually well versed in
> local laws and customs in addition to knowing where the fish are!

Very right. I usually do that and am about to arrange this for my planned
USA trip. But I will surely collect on my own in the one or other area on
the way. I don4t only like that to be on the easy and safe side but more to
get to know these other fish nuts personally.

> Best contacts if you are into swamp or pond are probably Moonman in NC.
> or the 2 Ray's of Wisconsin. Or B.G. down in the Bayou (I have to visit
> him myself someday!). If stream fishes are your thing Casper in
> Chattanooga is the best I know since he's in an area of high species
> diversity. These places the laws aren't too bad either.

Thanks for the mention. Except Casper they all seem to be off area to what I
plan (KY, TN, MO, GA).

> Disclaimer- I named some of by best contacts. I appologise if I hurt the
> feelings of any others I left out but it would take all night to go thru
> everyone on the list. There is alot to choose from.

Sure there are more experts around. Would have to stay for a year to go
collecting with all of them;-)

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