NANFA-- Fwd: [AFS] Question on Laboratory setup for small fish

Jeremy Tiemann (
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 09:54:37 -0600

I responded, but some other people might want to chime in.

>Has anyone developed an inexpensive laboratory setup for Gambusia
>(mosquitofish), sunfish, or other smallish fish known to hybridize
>readily, and want to give some details?
>Someone in my lab group priced an aquaria setup and it was like $60,000.
>However this was for zebrafish and they are, I believe, saltwater
>species, and I'm sure it must be much less expensive to just have a few
>aquaria with Gambusia! What all is needed besides the obvious, aquaria,
>aerators/pump, water, food? How many can live in a standard sized
>aquarium and stay healthy? Any other weird problems that are
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