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Fri, 12 Mar 2004 17:23:26 EST

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> Hmmm... I guess this is all about _full_ compliance with the law...
> You don't get pulled over if you're obeying it :)

Not to be too nit picky here, but, yes you can get pulled over, even when
obeying the law. I've been pulled over several times while committing no crime.
I really enjoy exploring this wonderful country of ours and have driven
thousands of miles and hike a few, too in that pursuit. I was pulled over last
year in SW Arkansas while driving down a dirt lane to a Wildlife Management area
- no 'private lane', 'keep out' or 'no trespassing' signs anywhere - it was a
public access road surrounded by private properties. The county sheriff saw
my out of state plates and just wanted to know what the heck I was up to back
off the main drag. Typically, I have to produce my driver's license &
registration and then explain just why I'm where I am. I've had similar ocurrances in
Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska and even the state I was born in - Iowa.
In my case, I just look like a criminal I guess - ha. My wife complains that
she doesn't want to accompany me on vacation because it seems we almost always
get pulled over. I'm pretty sure I get pulled over because of my
out-of-state license plates combined with driving back roads where most tourists would
not be expected to wander, . I don't particularly care for too much of the "Big
Brother" crap from our elected or appointed public officials, but as long as
they're curteous and don't impede my freedom to go about my activities, I'll
suffer an ocassional 'interrogation'. I imagine most of the law enforcement
officers are trying to protect property owners' rights or circumvent drug deals
,etc. I'm pro reasonable laws and reasonable law enforcement. A little twist
on getting pulled over when we were in Oklahoma three years ago - the officer
wanted to know where we were headed, how long we planned on being in Oklahoma
and where we'd just come from. I guess having my wife and two sons along
with me and all of our camping gear in the third seat of our old Suburban must
have led him to believe we were po' folk and he was afraid riffraff like us
might actually want to take up residence in his sterling state. That rankled me a
little, but I got over it. Walk a mile in his shoes and all that.

Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho
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