Re: NANFA-- obeying the law
Fri, 12 Mar 2004 19:24:16 EST

In the past 35 years I've seen many changes in the law that I never thought
I'd see. One of the most apparent is the law stopping people with no real
reason. At one time to stop someone without probable cause was a no no but now they
actually set up road blocks and check everyone that comes through. After 9/11
you could almost forgive this type of behavior but this change happened many
years before any terror threat was thought about. Using the military to
enforce civilian law is something I never thought I'd see but it goes on all the
time for various reasons, the so-called war on drugs, has been used to circumvent
many civil liberties. I am still very wary of the Homeland security act. I
know that things have changed since I was a teen but how much do things have to
change for us not to have the very things we were trying to protect? I know
it's difficult choice but we need to start questioning what our government is
doing instead of being sheeple. Laws pertaining to wildlife have been under the
control (in some places) of people who's agenda doesn't allow for people like
NANFA. I'm not sure of what we need to do to fix the problem but I do know
that if your group or problem doesn't have a lobbyist you are at the mercy of
anyone who does. Another thing that puts people like at us a disadvantage is that
we don't have the numbers to make us important and making laws that affect us
in a negative manner are easy for law makers to pass and it makes them look
like they are doing something about problems but what they do may or may not
really solve the problems or even worse be so restrictive that people like us
become criminals for reasons that are petty and make no real sense. It's easy
for someone who doesn't see the trees for the forest to endorse laws that
restrict the keeping of fish and other wild animals as pets. On the surface it makes
for good press but the laws restrict behavior that is really good for wild
life rather than the terrible misuse of the environment hobbyists are often
portrayed by some people as being.

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