NANFA-- Re: nanfa V1 #1987

Jeffrey Fullerton (
Sun, 14 Mar 2004 01:45:54 -0500

> I sincerely doubt the DNR is going to _look_ for would be fish shippers who
> have coolers in their back seat.

When I was collecting with Mark Binkley in 98 we raised a few eyebrows carrying our coolers
into the hotel where we put up for the night. There were probably some people anticipating
alot of partying that night.

Since 9/11 I'd hate to think what they might anticipate and I wouldn't be surprised if I
got reported. So far so good- since I've done two trips to Willmington NC since then and I
have yet to be visited by SWAT teams and bomb squads- but the possibility is always in the
back of my mind.

To think of it- reflecting on Moonman's comments regarding the creeping totalitarianism
that has been setting in via the Drug War for many years pre-9/11- I was expecting a knock
at the door some night because I was running 800 watts of halide and sodium lights in my
basement. I had read an article in Organic Gardening about a guy who got shot over a tomato
crop because in part he was probably a bit of an anti-government zealot who reacted badly
to a bunch of people who stormed his house in the middle of the night. Scarry thing about
it- plans were already drawn up regarding how much revinue would be netted in the
forfieture of the house and property. Which goes to show how out of hand this kind of thing
has gotten.


"What kind of government have you given us Mr. Franklin"?

"A Republic, if you can keep it".
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