R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 13 Mar 2004 23:51:51 -0600

Bob, it was great not only because it had sunfish in it, but because it
brought back a bunch of memories of the local clubs fish shows. It really
resonated with me like that. I am almost finished with this issue. Jans
write up on the convention was great, now I know it was bad to have missed
out on it. I have not got to Bruce's yet, not leaving you out, look forward
to that over breakfast tomorrow morning.

The stickleback article inspired me. This is one of the first fish I kept,
catching them in the ditch down the highway a bit from our house. In a net
my Grandpa made from an onion bag, really heavy wire for the hoop, and a
broom handle. Brook was the kind. I had to go back and grab the addendum to
the fishes of WI and look at the stickleback section. There is a creek in
Wisconsin you might be able to catch three spine, nine spine and brook
stickle backs all together. That would be cool. Three spines are exotics
here. There was also mention of four spines somewhere in the state, but no
specifics. Anyways, that is where that article led me, thinking maybe they
might be some nice additions to the pond. Tiny, but cool to watch. Shoot, I
sit around the tubs and watch ommata and pygmy sunfish swim around, so what
is the difference?

Trust me, anyone trying to recruit new members, just tell them the AC is
worth the membership. A great variety of articles, plus the snippets of the
email list and riffles etc. No where else could you get your North American
fish reading fix four times a year. I have to embarass Chris again in front
of all of you : he might be a cyborg, how does he do it? Proofing all these
articles, sticking them together in a professional manner? All this and the
new addition to the family, and I am sure the same obligations we all have.
Who could have time unless they were enhanced in some way? Either that or
the natural talent of editor was bestowed on Chirs. Thanks again for all
your hard work!!!

Ray W.
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