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> Sorry, but I cannot take this again and again and again repeated mock anymore. Threats only result from destruction or
> deterriation of habitats. And pollution. No other reasons detectable. Only in the weird fantasy of environmental hypocrits!

Today on the Neil Bortz Show the host told the story of two brothers who owned a huge tract of land along the Chattahoochee River
in Georgia. They spurned offers of millions from developers because they were content to live a simple life in a log cabin and
selling produce in the local markets- but one of them died and along came the State and Feds who socked the survivor with a half a
million dollar tax bill. So some of the land had to be sold to developers to pay the death tax. Many large holdings by people who
are land rich but cash poor have been split up this way to the detriment of a rural way of life and also to wildlife habitat since
the occupants left alot of it in the natural state.

Shortly after the next news break a caller from Florida told how the same was transfering large tracts from rural families to
developers there with great impact on the environment.

If you want to promote conservation- defend private property and fight the death tax and eminent domain abuse by local governments!

> And for captive breeding projects: Where are they? And if present, who is behind them? The public? Authorities? Make me laugh!

It's amazing what private breeders can do with herps and fish with limited resources. A basement full of sweaterbox cages or kiddie
pools can even rival a 20 million dollar fish hatchery or herp breeding facility. Government always inflates the cost of doing
anything. Now I know some caution is warrented but if you go too far in that direction then the price tag becomes astronomical and
you're just not going to get the funding to do everything that needs to be done.

> Final example: The breeding station for Komodo Dragons wanted to sell raised offspring to Germany. It was rejected by our
> authorities. But the offspring by that is in danger of being fed to the adults as they where overstock.

Steffan- your continental perspective should be a wakeup call to American hobbyists of what the future may hold if we don't start
standing up against this kind of nonsense. It goes on here too to some extent. I couldn't really understand it until I started
reading Ayn Rand. There are people out there willing to see the destruction of value rather than give up a little control.

> Congratulations burocrazy!

You got that right!

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