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Tue, 16 Mar 2004 13:56:30 EST

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> Quoting Jeffrey Fullerton <>:
> > If you want to promote conservation- defend private property and fight
> > death tax and eminent domain abuse by local governments!
> Agghhh! POLITICS! (Martin forms a cross with index fingers of both hands,
> held
> in front of face, which is averted from the looming spectre)
I know every one (including me really) on this list hates to talk politics
but I am beginning to wonder if there is anything that isn't ultimately
connected to politics in some way. I know that if we aren't politically adept we will
loose all our fish collecting and keeping privileges (yes I said privileges,
no where does it say collecting is a right) If a person with either a personal
vendetta against the use of wildlife or if that someone has the ear of someone
who is in power we could be in trouble. It wouldn't take much for our nets to
be outlawed anywhere but our own back yards. Look at the way California
restricts to taking of minnows and such and see our future if we don't become more
informed and a lot more politicly savvy.

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