Re: NANFA-- duckweed removal and headlamp questions
Tue, 16 Mar 2004 17:19:59 EST

In a message dated 3/16/04 4:59:28 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> I am certain that I didn't make myself very clear about the headlamp
> question. I plan to go collecting at night and would like to be able to
> critters
> on the creek bottom thru the water during the dark of night. I've tried
> using
> a regular flashlight before, but most of the time there's so much glare
> reflection that I can't see what's under the surface of the water. I'm
> red/green color blind and couldn't see past the water's surface while king
> salmon
> fishing in interior Alaska whereas my wife and guide could easily see the
> fish.
> At the time, my guide had something about getting polarized sunglasses
> would cut the glare and alow me to see past the water's surface.
> I'm
> looking for something to do the samething at night and I thought maybe
> kind of headlamp with perhaps a special light wavelength would better
> penetrate
> the water's surface. Any thoughts on this?
I do have a head lamp but I have never used it. Have you ever tried different
colored light to see if one color was better than another? I sometimes use a
flashlight with a deep red lens when I am out with the astronomy club but
since you can't see red that wouldn't' work.

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