RE: NANFA-- blah blah so much for a nap

Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Tue, 16 Mar 2004 19:08:30 -0600

Todd wrote:
>>>... differing opinions are sometimes in stark contrast to the goals
and ambitions of the people who've invested a good portion of their time and
resources into what NANFA "is". It's disheartening to watch a resource
you've created or nurtured to promote a _consistent definition_ of what
constitutes conservation and education get whittled away in 40 emails of
rationalization, personal rights, paranoid ramblings about "them" and "us",
etc with the name of NANFA tied to every last piece of it...the people who
make regular aquaria and conservation contributions within
the organization (as reflected in AC) seem to be some of the more quiet
voices on this list, even though I know they're subscribers. That bothers
me. I can't blame them for keeping quiet. It would be an even greater
shame if we had to quiet it all permenantly and some of you would miss their
voices and wisdom at no charge with this list....It may stand that we need
to limit all conversation on the list to captive
care, natural history and _event oriented_ reporting of collection of native
fishes (like I went down to the river today and saw the most peculiar
thing...)...We either adopt a certain code of etiquette where list members
on reasonable terms what to discuss (I think my list in the former
paragraphs are a good place to start)... Or... I see no other way but to
make it all go bye bye, and will vote to do so.<<<

Jan writes:
I agree completely.
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