Re: NANFA-- a sucker affair...

Todd Crail (
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 17:28:41 -0500

No kidding there either. One of my buddies hooked into a 26" redhorse a few
years back. He thought he was hung for the longest time (the river pulses
monofilament when the bait is hung, so a big fish staying relatively still
will feel the same). Then it ran and oh my did it run. Busted his pole on
a jump! He tethered it on his drag into the shore as it tired. It was so
funny to watch the front half of his rod volley between the water and him.
Oh man our guts hurt by the time we released that fish. :)

I think this summer I'm going to revert to our old ways in high school when
we weren't allowed in the water, used tiny hooks, leaf worms from the
compost pile and caught tons of suckers in the near shore riffles. I want
some photos and seines ain't gonna cut it, especially solo.

Whatever happened to those "Other Fish" columns? I think Doug Stange needs
a letter of concern... Or even better... Intent! Ohhhhhh Darters in the
In-Fisherman. How sweet would that be? ;)

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> The sucker must be running. I drove down by the lake today, and up the
> to where the creek comes into the lake. As I was leaving a guy walked out
> his truck with a stringer full of them. Probably headed for the smoker. I
> might just have to give it a whirl, just the thing to take off the winter
> blues. Suckers are great sport.
> Ray W.
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