Re: NANFA-- A coverup by the government? Surely not...

Mysteryman (
Sat, 20 Mar 2004 00:01:31 -0800

> A natural question to ask is, who exactly is saying this, and what, if anything,
> is their relationship to Fish and Game? What agencies are involved and in what
> capacity??

The fish & wildlife people, the newspaper, the deejays on the radio, the
office of the county extension agent... lotsa folks are warning us not
to fish in those two spots.

Oh, by the way, Jan, yes, the bait shop does have a picture of the fish,
which I saw, and the bait shop guy also has a spiffy new hat that he
says he, and the fisherman, got from the feds. It has a nifty
embroidered picture of a sturgeon on it, and if I understand correctly,
it's some sort of hat that sturgeon project team members get.

All in all, I did learn one thing.. bait shops are not good places to
get help in finding rare fish.

I showed the bait shop guy a picture of the Bluenose, and his jaw
dropped! He'd never seen anything like that anywhere near here, and he's
been in the biz for 30 years. Encouraging in that I doubt he's lying,
but discouraging in that if anyone had ever seen one around, he probably
would have. Is this fish truly gone from Covington County?
I've GOT to find out...
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