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Gobioides broussonnetii, a.k.a. the violet goby or dragonfish is a
brackishwater fish whose range runs from the Atlantic coast of Georgia
around the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and Carribean to Brazil.

Are they present off Georgia year round? They are fascinating beasts that do not compete well against robust fish. I imagine quite large numbers are bought by fairly new aquarists, who are then disappointed to find that it is a sheep in wolf's clothing, more interested in sucking mud than behaving like a dragon. In a well set up aquarium a group can be a really interesting display. There is a species from South east Asia that is very similar in appearance, Odontamblyopus rubicundus.

A species of Gobioides found in the Amazon River, G. grahamae is often used as bait in the longline fisheries for large Pimelodid Cats, and the catching of these baitfish supports a whole mini-fishery for those too young or infirm to fish for the large Cats.
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