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Todd Crail (
Wed, 24 Mar 2004 22:10:55 -0500

You can probably even go deeper if you wanted Martin. They use the same
concept at Tropicorium, and while that's a coral farm, it's something that
holds water. Here's a picture to get the idea:

That's usually water to the top. You can see how much water is underneath
(about 3'), based on that dude's height. They use garden hose to reinforce
the top... But that's cause they used 2x6's instead of 4x4's and it starts
to lean after a while. I guess the garden hose would be cheaper tho, while
ugly, it isn't a bad idea

It's also the perfect way to make a nice pool in your basement to suitably
keep larger fish that wouldn't be suitable for an aquarium that would fit
into a house. 8'x8' would be a fantastic footprint for say, an indoor gar
pond, if you get my drift...

I've seen a lot of people doing this with bamboo sharks, skates and
freshwater rays. It really is an appealing way to keep fish, any species.

If it were me... I'd use all 4x4's and lagbolt everything together. Then
you can take it down in the winter and move it inside ;)

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From: "Irate Mormon" <>

> After sitting on this pond liner for about two years, I have reached the
> conclusion that if I hold out until I have time to DIG a really nice pond
> two, as I had planned), the the liner will have long since disintegrated
> dust. So, my plan is to build an above ground pond. The liner is about
12' by
> 30'. The idea is to build a "box" out of landscape timbers, 2 feet high
and 8'
> by 24' in the ground plane. The long sides will be constructed by
> the timbers 50%, and the whole deal will be held together by rebar driven
> through holes drilled in the timbers, and maybe 2 feet into the ground.
> and easy.
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