Re: NANFA--list content restrictions?
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 17:55:11 EST

In a message dated 3/27/04 8:28:05 PM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> All this controversy about buying and selling on the list is getting old. I
> consider the list to be similar to a Lodge, like the Shriners or what ever.
> We
> are a fellowship of people who share common goals and work for the common
> good. Every lodge I have ever seen always supported the business of the
> members
> over anyone else.

I agree with Moon. I delete most posts that have leaders that aren't of
interest to me, so I'm sure I've missed something here, but it sure seems to me
that Farmer Todd is playing list-cop or something. What's that all about? I've
always enjoyed the informal, friendly banter interwoven with the excellent
information and enthusiastic descriptions of and about fish. I didn't realize
that NANFA was for professionals or academics only? - intent on forcing
e-communication to be according to a strict protocol with accompanying threats of
enforcement. I like Moon's idea of "fellowship". Anyone else share my

Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho
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