NANFA-- Amquel Plus?

Sajjad Lateef (
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 07:07:59 -0800 (PST)

Anybody use AmQuel Plus? The following is the description off
a website. Sounds a bit like a hoax, as it claims to do just
about everything. But, I am afraid that it might have side-effects.



AmQuel Plus - 16 oz. (Novalek)

Item Number: NK0190
This liquid eliminates nitate, nitrite, ammonia, chlorine
and chloramines, increases the load of fishes that can be
safety kept in shipping bags, does not interfere with
the biological cycle, removes fishes' toxic pheromones
and other toxic organics, does not affect the pH,
is safe to use in freshwater, saltwater, reef and
live rock aquariums.

It will not harm biological filter beds or interfere
with their activity.

It can reduce medication dyes such as malachite green
methylene blue and potassium permanganate.
It is compatible with all nitrite and nitrate test kits
and ammonia test kits using Salicylate reagents.
Do NOT use with ammonia test kits using Nessler reagents
(will give a false reading).

This bottle treats up to 960 gallons.

Use 1 teaspoon (5ml) per 10 gallons. This will remove on average
more than 1.2 ppm ammonia, 2 ppm of nitrite and 13 ppm of nitrate
as well as detoxify all chlorine or chloramines.Increase or repeat
dosages as needed to remove greater amounts of these toxins
without adverse effects to animals or plants.


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