NANFA-- warmouth spawn

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 25 May 2000 00:05:46 -0700

Yesterday around noon I had some company over. Trying to lure the gars from
the depths of the pond with hookless crankbaits to no avail, we decided to
just look around the pond and see what was going on with the smaller
denizens. A banded pygmy sunfish made himself apparent as he dashed up and
stopped in the middle of a flat rock for a minute. Of course killis and
minnows were active just under the surface. We then noticed a light spot on
the bottom in the sand next to some Lilly pads, the same place the warmouth
spawned last year. I stuck the fishing pole in the water and one mouth,
then two started snapping at it. A pair of warmouth were on the nest. I
wish the water was clearer so we could have better watched what was going on
down there. The more I think about it the more it appeared both fish were
guarding the nest. I have not seen this before, and it didn't happen last
year when the water was clear. It may have been that they were just done
spawning and the female was still around, but that still doesn't make sense.
Hopefully my algae clumper starts working and the water clears up better so
I can see what is going on more than a foot deep. This stuff is pretty
good, it take suspended algae, and particles, and makes them clump together
and settle out. It takes about two weeks to totally work. I used it the
last two years and it was awesome. I just need more patients. It has done
some good so far, as a week ago I could only see down about 3 inches. I
plan to build a settling pond to help filter the water. Once a pond is
established ( like my killi pond out front) cloudy water seems not to be a
problem. There is a haze in the water, but it will clear up. Abundant plant
life seems to do the trick. That doesn't eliminate string and floating
algae's though, I will have to get ahold of some barley straw to take care
of those things.

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