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For those needing fresh taxonomic challenges, here are a few more guides for
the ID of freshwater fish larvae and very young juveniles:

Conrow, R. and A.V. Zale. 1985. Early life history stages of fishes of
Orange Lake, Florida: an illustrated identification manual. Florida
Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit, Technical Report No. 15, Gainesville,
FL, 45 pp (Line drawings; 8 families).

Fuiman, L.A., et al. 1983. State of the art of identification for cyprinid
fish larvae from eastern North America. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. 112: 319-332.
(No figures, but table providing species groups based on distinctive
morphological features; 62 spp.; good lit review)

Fuiman, L.A. 1979. Descriptions and comparisons of catostomid fish larvae:
northern Atlantic drainage species. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. 108: 560-603.
(Five species described in detail; simple line drawings).

Hogue, J.J., Jr., R. Wallus, and L.K. Kay. 1976. Preliminary guide to the
identification of larval fishes in the Tennessee River, Tennessee Valley
Authority, Norris, TN, 66 pp (B&W photographs; 18 families).

Lippson, A.J. and R.L. Moran. 1974. Manual for the identification of early
developmental stages of fishes of the Potomac River estuary. Environmental
Technology Center - Martin Marietta Corporation, Baltimore, MD, 282 pp (Line
drawings; chapters by different authors; includes freshwater and marine

May, E.B. and C.R. Gasaway. 1967. A preliminary key to the identification
of larval fishes of Oklahoma, with particular reference to Canton Reservoir,
including a selected bibliography. Bull. No. 5, Oklahoma Fishery Research
Laboratory, Norman, 33 pp + 58 figures (B&W photographs; free copies were
still available in the late 1980s).

Margulies, D. 1983. A preliminary guide to the identification of families
of larval fishes occurring in the Ohio River. Ohio Acad. Sci. 83: 135-138.
(No illustrations)

McGowan, E.G. 1984. An identification guide for selected larval fishes
from Robinson Impoundment, South Carolina, Carolina Power and Light, New
Hill, NC, 56 pp (Line drawings; 11 families, 21 spp; emphasis on

Perry, L.G. and B.W. Menzel. 1979. Identification of nine larval cyprinids
inhabiting small northern rivers. Pp. 141-173 in R. Wallus and C.W.
Voightlander (eds), Proceedings of a Workshop on Freshwater Larval Fishes,
Tennessee Vall;ey Authority, Norris, TN. (B&W photographs, multiple dorsal
and ventral views)

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