Re: NANFA-- Savannah Trip?
Wed, 30 May 2001 09:33:43 -0400

(some NANFA folks have been talking about a Savannah trip)
>>Do you have some interesting spots? Salt, fresh, brackish?
>>Likewise, can you tell me what's available there?

I'm mostly a salt/brackish water person (and a lot more fishing/shrimping
than collecting).
I've caught the usual hodgepodge of south Atlantic fishes (weakfish,
flounder, blues, several types of sharks, red drum, black drum, sting rays,
cow nose rays, etc,etc) and thrown a cast net for shrimp and other bait
critters and on occasion have caught squid, tongue sole, pipe fish,
butterfly fish, glass minnows and a host of other miscellaneous small
fishes (including billions of pogeys).

As to fresh water, I've gone to a few small canals and lagoons here on the
islands (looking for rain water killies and mollies which are supposed to
be here) but have caught nothing but gambusia and mummichogs.

I do have a small, ancient boat that i use to cruise around the estuaries
and creeks that makes a reasonable platform to throw a net from (holds 4
without too much trouble, can take up to 6 but it's a bit crowded at that
point and throwing a net with 6 on board can lead to some interesting
conversations and astonishing language)

I'd be happy to show any of you what I know about this area but if you are
looking for freshwater collecting, I'm not much use except maybe as a base
(the Ogeechee and Savannah rivers are real close by). I've got limited bed
space but lots of carpet and for those of you who are really adventurous, i
have plenty of space to pitch a tent (although coastal georgia in the
summer can be right warm and muggy at night) or room to park for those
souls lucky enough to have a travel trailer.

I'd need to be given a few weeks notice (or at least the wife needs some
notice.....) but other than that, most of my summer would be available
(unlike some folks, weekends are better for me). right now, the weekend of
august 4/5 is out and others will disappear as time passes - the more
advance notice, the more i can arrange travel around the time.

I already owe Andy (noturus2) some specimens from this area. i broke my
arm this past winter and by the time i got better, the state closed the
waters for cast netting due to shrimp population crash. they just reopened
the waters for bait shrimping only (not that you'd be all that interested
in bait shrimp) but at least we are allowed on the water with a net.
I'm definitely going to be collecting in the salt/brackish waters
(especially if they reopen the food shrimp season) several times so i can
get Andy's collection and i could use some company....
i really prefer collecting for the cast iron aquarium (frying pan) but i
also enjoy just seeing what comes up in the net.

so, i guess all i need to know is who, when and how many. and, yes george,
you can come, too........

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