Re: NANFA-- Savannah Trip?

Wed, 30 May 2001 21:49:50 -0400

Hi Russell

> I'm mostly a salt/brackish water person (and a lot more fishing/shrimping
> than collecting).

I am mostly after saltwater species myself.

and thrown a cast net for shrimp and other bait
> critters and on occasion have caught squid, tongue sole, pipe fish,
> butterfly fish, glass minnows and a host of other miscellaneous small
> fishes (including billions of pogeys).

I have 2 cast nets and enjoy using them a lot.

> I do have a small, ancient boat that i use to cruise around the estuaries
> and creeks that makes a reasonable platform to throw a net from (holds 4
> without too much trouble,

That sounds even better.The boat could move us quickly between collecting
areas too.

> I'd be happy to show any of you what I know about this area but if you are
> looking for freshwater collecting, I'm not much use except maybe as a base
> (the Ogeechee and Savannah rivers are real close by).

The rest of the group up here don't know that salwater fish exist ;-) but i
do and they are my prime interest (was raised fishing and snorkeling on the
mediterranean sea).

I've got limited bed
> space but lots of carpet

I don't camp and will probably have the wife and kid with me which probably
won't come on the boat with us and will hang out at a local beach while i
So don't worry i will rent a hotel room.But i appreciate the offer.

> I'd need to be given a few weeks notice weekends are better for me).
right now, the weekend of
> august 4/5 is out and others will disappear as time passes - the more
> advance notice, the more i can arrange travel around the time.

How about we shoot for 18/19 or 25/26?
The latest is better for juveniles.I wish Andy would give us his opinion on
the best dates to maximize catch.

> I already owe Andy (noturus2) some specimens from this area.

Don't worry about that he said.Send all collected specimen to Pat in Atlanta
Andy is real cool ;-)
Hey that's a joke.

they just reopened
> the waters for bait shrimping only (not that you'd be all that interested
> in bait shrimp) but at least we are allowed on the water with a net.
> I'm definitely going to be collecting in the salt/brackish waters
> (especially if they reopen the food shrimp season) several times so i can
> get Andy's collection and i could use some company....

Ok what is bait shrimping?
Is bait shrimping catching little shrimps for shipping?
What i am really interested in is using my seine (Or someone elses) in
shallow grass flats to catch whatever turns up.
I love the surprise aspect of collecting.
Do you have a seine ?
Mine is really designed for freshwater (quite small) but nothing gets away
since it is weighted on the bottom.Wife and daughter struggle when helping
me so heavy it is.Piece of cake for all the grown up and even not so grown
up (Hi Georges ! ) men on this list.

> so, i guess all i need to know is who, when and how many. and, yes
> you can come, too........

Well let's see if anybody is interested.At least we are two already.

Best regards


(Georges i was kidding don't flame me).
Flaming : The act of insulting people online

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