Re: NANFA-- Drilling in Wilderness Areas?

Jay DeLong (
Wed, 30 May 2001 08:42:14 -0700

This small column on the USFWS' change in public face regarding the Alaska
Natl Wildlife Refuge appeared in the recent Harper's Magazine:

I'm probably breaking some laws by scanning it so I'll leave it up for only
a short time.

Jay DeLong
Olympia WA

At 09:58 AM 5/30/01 -0400, you wrote: >>Well, when it first appeared this was gonna happen, I was upset. >>But I gotta tell you, there is lots of drilling and plenty of active wells >>where I live, and they just don't take up that much space. I can't >>see this as having a measurable impact on the local ecology. >> >> >>Prost, >> >>Martin >>Jackson, MS >That's a good point, Martin, that drilling in of itself isn't the big >problem. The big problem with this kind of activity in Wilderness Areas is >the road building associated with it. Roads bring with them a range of >problems, from simply chewing up the terrain to siltation of streams to >easy access for goofy human activities. > >"May Slim Aguilar Bless You" >--Bruce Stallsmith >Huntsville, AL

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