Re: NANFA-- brown trout, ecology and personal viewpoint

Jay DeLong (
Wed, 30 May 2001 18:06:22 -0700

Dan, if you approach your studies and future with the same passion you
bring to this list you'll be awesome! I wish I had the same focus and
sense as you when I was 16. Have a great summer!

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

At 05:02 PM 5/30/01 -0400, you wrote: > Thanks for clearing up some of the facts. I would rather have people >correcting some of my viewpoints rather than not, because that's the way we >learn. Learning is an on-going process, and without making mistakes we simply >would not learn. Learning this stuff is important to me right now, being 16, >especially because I plan to become a fisheries biologist, or another postion >working in the field of limnology. Thanks to all who shared their knowledge >and position on the topic (especially George Arndtg), I now know how to >better share my opinions and look at all sides of the issue better. It is >important for everyone to have an open mind on a subject, even if they "know" >they are right. I cannot generalize on a subject as much (ex. brown trout are >non-destructive). Well, they may not be real destructive in Michigan, but >other places(and in the long run) they are very much so. They may be very >helpful in some aspects, but not so much in others. Anyways, this list is >very valuable to me, and I can't wait to continue to learn. ___Dan >McConnell > Marshall, MI Out in 2 weeks!

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