NANFA-- Tadpole madtom update :-)

Terri Vance (
Tue, 13 May 2003 17:59:42 -0400

I'm just TICKLE PINK at being able to give y'all a breeding update on my
Tadpole madtoms! OK, no free-swimming fry yet, but.
About a week ago the madtom pair(?) opened up the entrance to their hidey-hole
& made an appearance. I got to see them for all of a WHOLE DAY before they
disappeared again onto their favored hidey-hole. 2 days thereafter they had
again closed up the entrance to the hollow w/ gravel.

Well, I happened to be doing some plant maintenance this afternoon & decided
to give in to my burgeoning curiosity. I carefully lifted the wood &.guess
what?! Dozens of large, white eggs are nestled together in a pit they've
hollowed out in the gravel. Needless to say, I immediately lowered the wood &
will leave them alone to their egg guarding.

Of course, I now need to find space for the the larger-mouthed of the tank's
denizens, at least till I can get some madtom fry of a non-swallowable size
(namely, 4 adult Rosysided dace & an unknown minnow sp. of similar size that I
collected w/ Casper while in TN). The only other tank I have w/ enough
swimming space for them is the one my Lake Tanganyika cichlids reside in, all
spp. that may be too aggressive for these particular minnows. Would you be
interested in taking them in (at least )?

Also, I have a few questions for y'all:

At room temperature (~75), about how long should the egg-stage last? What
size foods do any fry that hatch need to be started on? Any other advise?

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